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2016-2017 Featured Festivals

Chicago Beer Classic Chicago, IL
Euphoria Austin, TX
Shaky Knees Music Festival Atlanta, GA
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EDC Las Vegas

Jun 2017 Dates Unconfirmed
Las Vegas, NV
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Mardi Gras New Orleans

Jan 6 - Feb 28, 2017
New Orleans, LA
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Burning Man

Aug 2017 Dates Unconfirmed
Black Rock City, NV
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New York City Feast of San Gennaro

Sep 2017 Dates Unconfirmed
New York, NY
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Ribs and R&B Music Festival

Aug 2017 Dates Unconfirmed
Detroit, MI
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Festival Reviews from Festival Fans

12189877 10205209653626988 5179112273990179306 n

Elizabeth L.

NYC Farmborough Fan Forever

Last year's Farmborough was a blast! Put on your favorite cowboy boots and join the fun and...

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314819 527638833936247 711444099 n

Binky L.


Llano Earth Art Fest (LEAF) is an awesome, intimate, organic little festival that is FREE to...

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Summer 2016

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