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Gold Coast Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Australia Surfers Paradise, QLD
Cooly Rocks On Coolangatta, QLD
Hard Island Festival Gold Coast, QLD

The Best Festivals in Gold Coast, QLD

The city of Gold Coast rests on Australia’s east coast in the state of Queensland. Brisbane is about an hour drive north. But hold your horses pal, or should we say, hold your kangaroos, Brisbane can wait. And you’ll agree when you step into the sand of Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches. “Aha! That’s why it’s called Gold Coast,” you’ll likely think, the proverbial light bulb of the brain glowing. Home to over half a million people, Gold Coast’s funkiness is oh so satisfying. Skim the waves at Surfers Paradise, head north from there for a cruise through the smorgasbord of Asian cuisine at the Chinatown Street Markets in Southport. Taste more the flavors from around the globe at the street food vendors of Miami Marketta. And this sweet concoction of culture makes for some mighty fine festivals in Gold Coast. Attending a few Gold Coast festivals during your adventure Down Under is akin to plopping a few cherries on top of your sundae. That’s some good stuff.