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Victoria Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

Melbourne International Film Festival Melbourne, VIC
Listen Out Melbourne, VIC
Melbourne Festival Melbourne, VIC
Wanderlust 108 Melbourne, VIC
The Pleasure Garden Melbourne, VIC
More Upcoming Victoria Festivals

The Best Festivals in Victoria

The Australian state of Victoria is a prime place for festivals. And don’t worry; we’ll get there. But the festivals in Victoria are born from the state’s beautiful culture. Sitting in the southeast corner of the continent, Victoria is a land of beautiful beaches, rough desert and verdant rainforest. To the state’s north is the state of New South Wales; to the west is South Australia. Across the waters of the Bass Strait—to the south—is the island state of Tasmania. Reel yourself in from those waters, back to the coast and through Port Phillip Bay, and you’ll find the big city buzz of Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria. Here’s where you’ll find a good chunk of those Victoria festivals, such as the Melbourne Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Travel further away from the coast and you might find yourself at a festival in Lexton. But no matter what part of the state you’re in, there are plenty of things to see and plenty of things to do in Victoria.