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Western Australia Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

North West Festival Port Hedland, WA
Listen Out Perth, WA
Beauvine Food & Wine Festival Perth, WA

The Best Festivals in Western Australia

Western Australia is the largest state in Australia. The Indian Ocean is to its west, while the state of South Australia and the Northern Territory share its eastern border. Much of Western Australia’s land is made of dry outback, with most of the population living in and around the state’s capital city of Perth. The large state is steeped in tens of thousands of years of Aboriginal history and is home to the majestic Hamelin Pool Stromatolites. In 1962, American astronaut John Glenn gazed at his home planet from outer space, seeing an illuminated Perth, an event that gave the city its nickname of “City of Light.” A place brimming with such rich culture is the basis of a place with awesome festivals. The festivals in Western Australia are proof. Western Australia festivals are the perfect place to be immersed in a unique concoction of culture.