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Amanda McHugh
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Stories by Amanda McHugh
Sundance film festival 2018 manda k photo people of    1 of 18 (3)
People of Sundance Film Festival 2018
by  Amanda McHugh
They braved the winter cold for their love of parties and film.
Sundance film festival 2018 manda k photo volunteer
6 Reasons You Can Afford Sundance Film Festival
by  Amanda McHugh
Written by a three-year Sundance veteran and artist on a budget.
Art basel miami 2016 mandakphoto preston 1176
People Of Art Basel Miami 2016
by  Amanda McHugh
We asked Art Basel attendees what their favorite art pieces meant to them.
Art basel 2016 press material courtesy of art basel 2
Art Basel Miami’s Most Important Exhibition Isn’t What You’d Think
by  Amanda McHugh
It's not so much the art but the unique opportunity the art triggers.
Sundance film festival 2016 stephen speckman festival atmosphere
4 Music and Art Experiences to Take You Beyond Film at Sundance 2016
by  Amanda McHugh
There are even virtual reality experiences by Kendrick Lamar and Björk at this year's film fest.