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Chrissie Lam
New York, NYEverfest Staff Writer@thesupplychangeMore Authors | Got a tip?Email This Author
Stories by Chrissie Lam
The Roskilde Recipe for Success: Festimonial with CEO Henrik Rasmussen
by  Chrissie Lam
How one of Europe's most popular festivals came to be...and what they have planned for the future.
Hero governors ball art gimbel
Governors Ball 2014 Street Style
by  Chrissie Lam
The state that gave us Woodstock still manages to retain that bohemian, fun-loving,...
Coachella 2014 the confluence 29
How Festivals Killed Preppy Fashion
by  Chrissie Lam
Ten years ago, while working as a trend forecaster for two prominent teen retailers who...
Coachella 2014 the confluence 01
Coachella Festival Fashion Forecast
by  Chrissie Lam
I woke up like this...flawless.
Coachella 2014 the confluence 33
What to Wear: Coachella 2014
by  Chrissie Lam
Coachella is as synonymous with music festivals as it is with festival fashion. Since its inception in 1999, the Southern California spring festival has become an annual pilgrimage for the young and the stylish.