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Hilary Saunders
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Stories by Hilary Saunders
Positivus festival 2014 alfreds ulmanis 3
An American's Guide to Positivus Music Festival and The Emerging Baltic Scene
by  Hilary Saunders
Almost two decades after Latvian Independence, a vibrant festival culture has arisen. 
Iceland airwaves 2014 art gimbel 22
7 Things To Do In Reykjavík Before Iceland Airwaves
by  Hilary Saunders
From the historical, to the natural, to the musical, these stopovers are must-dos in Iceland. 
What the festival 2015 matt hanna   19
If So Many Festivals Are Canceling, How Do Others Survive?
by  Hilary Saunders
There's no magic formula, but there some common threads between the festivals that are killing it.
Wakarusa 2015 stephen ironside 29
Why Have So Many Music Festivals Canceled in 2016?
by  Hilary Saunders
We take a look at the possible reasons for the demise of so many of our favorite events.
Pickathon 2014   2
Pickathon: The "Underdog" Festival Celebrates 17 Years
by  Hilary Saunders
Founder Zale Schoenborn talks 17 years of Pickathon (happening this weekend) and the "Portlandia" episode filmed at this year's fest!