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Laura Mason
San Francisco, CAManaging Editor. Metalhead. Environmentalism Nerd@masonlazarusMore Authors | Got a tip?Email This Author
Stories by Laura Mason
Hsb hero
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Releases a Bombshell 2016 Lineup
by  Laura Mason
The gathering in the park will be fire this year.
Imagine music festival 2016 alive coverage 77
People of Imagine Music Festival 2016
by  Laura Mason
Step into Atlanta's Aquatic Fairytale.
Burning man 2015 galen oakes   137 of 168
Take a Peek at the Playa with Burning Man's Livestream
by  Laura Mason
You'll feel like a dusty fly on the wall.
Pa baconfest elizabeth judge wyant 14
10 Burning Man Camps That Have Bacon
by  Laura Mason
Emergency provisions await you all over the playa.
Shambhala music festival 2016 william selviz 50 22
Shambhalovelies of Shambhala Music Festival
by  Laura Mason
Shambhalovelies are the heart and soul of this Canadian music festival.
Beloved festival 2016 matte hanna 17 (3)
People of Beloved Festival
by  Laura Mason
At Beloved, everyone is in it together.
Woodstock 1969 wikimedia commons derek redmond paul campbell crowd
Iconic Woodstock Festival May Return in 2019 for Its 50th Anniversary
by  Laura Mason
New developments straight from the mouth of the festival's original organizer, Michael Lang.
Arise festival 2016 courtesy of 1
In Photos: The Lush and Lively Spirit of ARISE Music Festival
by  Laura Mason
It doesn't get called "Colorado's Best Music Festival" for nothin'.
Wilderness festival 2016 danny north 1
21 Sun-Kissed Scenes from the UK's Lovely Wilderness Festival
by  Laura Mason
Fancy dress, epic theatrical performances, chef-driven cuisine, and psychedelia from The Flaming Lips.
Snowbombing 2016 andrew whitton   5
Snowbombing is Bringing Its Winter Party Vibes to North America
by  Laura Mason
Start working on your ski moves and party stamina, stat.
40 wonderfruit 2015
There's Technicolor Magic in Wonderfruit's Phase 1 Lineup
by  Laura Mason
This December, Thailand's southern coast is heating up.
Enchanted forest 2016 matthew cremer 3
Hot Tunes and Cool Swimming Won at Enchanted Forest
by  Laura Mason
Bass music on the Black Oak Ranch? Yes, please.
Lockn festival 2015 matt urban 37
6 Top-Notch Festivals for Jam Band Junkies
by  Laura Mason
Northern nights 2016 juliana bernstein 2
It Was Fun in the Sun at Northern Nights 2016
by  Laura Mason
Electronic music and a river stage make a great pair.
Wanderlust 2016 courtesy of 15
34 Wanderlust Photos That Capture the Glory of Getting Bendy
by  Laura Mason
These are scenes from any yogi's dreams.
Melt festival 2016 stephan flad 1
Stunning Photos of Industrial Light and Magic at Melt! Festival
by  Laura Mason
Machines and dance maniacs mingled at Melt! this past weekend.
Dirtybird campout 2015 amanda mchugh   03
Return to Summer Camp with Dirtybird Campout's 2016 Lineup
by  Laura Mason
Potato sack races? S'mores around a campfire? Rowboat racing? Incredible house music? Yes, yes, yes and yes.
Bass coast 2016 patrick latter 5
The Babes of Bass Coast 2016
by  Laura Mason
At Bass Coast, everyone is babalicious.
Wilderness festival 2015 carsten windhorst bjork 2
Watch Wilderness Festival's Enchanting, Cinematic Trailer
by  Laura Mason
Escape not to merely a festival, but to another world.
Woogie weekend 2016 watchara phomicinda 3
Party People of Woogie Weekend 2016
by  Laura Mason
It was a wet and wild time in Oak Canyon Park.
High sierra music festival 2016 courtesy of hsmf 16
High Sierra Music Festival Came Back Shreddier Than Ever in 2016
by  Laura Mason
The shredfest in the Sierras was stuffed with sonic surprises.
Jungle camp 2016 zipporah lomax 2
Jungle Camp is the Adult Summer Camp You've Always Dreamed Of
by  Laura Mason
Envision Festival's founders have made the Costa Rican beaches and jungles your classrooms.
World bodypainting festival 2016 karsten skrabal 2
20 Psychedelic Photos from the World Bodypainting Festival
by  Laura Mason
You've never seen the human body like this before.
Electric forest 2016 courtesy of   10 copy
Electric Forest's Wonderful Weirdness in 44 Photos
by  Laura Mason
Scenes from Sherwood Forest, from sun up to sundown.