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Marcus Barnes
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Stories by Marcus Barnes
Desert hearts 2015 galen oakes people   53
Our Experts Predict 2017's Festie Style Trends
by  Marcus Barnes
We cover what'll be hot at festivals on both sides of the Atlantic.
Hnkc 160706 loveinternational 2016 7323
Armin van Buuren Announced For Inaugural Croatia Winter Music Festival
by  Marcus Barnes
Europe's busiest festival destination adds another huge event to its calendar.
Chi wow wah town 2016 flying
15 Of The Top Boutique Festivals You Can Find Down Under This Season
by  Marcus Barnes
On this side of the world, festival season is just beginning.
Secretgardenparty courtesyofsgppress
Secret Garden Party Wins Award For Groundbreaking Drug Testing Scheme
by  Marcus Barnes
The British festival worked with The Loop to offer free tests to its clientele.
Amsterdam dance event 2016 courtesy of 42
We Asked 7 DJs At Amsterdam Dance Event About The Future Of Festivals
by  Marcus Barnes
They're on the front line of festival culture, so we quizzed them about the future.
Ade hero
10 DJs Playing Amsterdam Dance Event Who Are Poised For World Domination
by  Marcus Barnes
There are many DJs at ADE who are just starting to break through – but these are the ones to keep special tabs on.
Boomtown fair 2016 courtesy of 14
In Photos: BoomTown Fair is the "Greatest Town On Earth"
by  Marcus Barnes
This UK event builds its own wild frontier city for the ultimate festival adventure.
Mysteryland 2016 courtesyofpr 1
20 Striking Portraits From Mysteryland 2016
by  Marcus Barnes
Diverse and full of pride, these are some of the thousands of beautiful faces from the Dutch mega-festival.
Samantha milligan   shambala 2016   ab2a7196 6bc4 11e6 96a6 e2fa661e35e8   web
See British Summertime At Its Best With These Shambala Photos
by  Marcus Barnes
Proof that sunshine and summertime vibes can bring everyone together.
Sziget main2
Sziget: An Oasis Of Diversity In An Increasingly Polarised Europe
by  Marcus Barnes
The "Island of Freedom" provides respite from a world dominated by divisive politics.
People main
25 Feelgood Shots From The Wonderful Sziget Festival
by  Marcus Barnes
They'll make you go all gooey inside.
20160730 milkshake 0583 ©dennisbouman main
These Wild Images Show Europe's Biggest LGBT Festival In All Its Glory
by  Marcus Barnes
This Milkshake (festival) brings all the boys to the yard...and the girls...and everyone in between!
Main stage (bart heemskerk) main
See The Techno Mothership Land At Holland's Dekmantel Festival
by  Marcus Barnes
Holland's premier techno festival does it extraterrestrial style with amazing stages.
Eats everything eats on a bus 2880x1340
Eastern Electrics Killed It With Their Promo This Year
by  Marcus Barnes
Four moments that prove there's still room for fun and innovation when promoting festivals.
Boomtown fair 2015   44
Our Pick Of The 10 Best European Festivals This August
by  Marcus Barnes
What's hot in Europe during the year's hottest month?
Sunfall 2016 dan medhurst 3537
Sun-Kissed Scenes From Sunfall, London's Brand New Summertime Festival
by  Marcus Barnes
When the weather's good and a festival's on, London is one of the best cities in the world.
Noisily 2016   nick caro 57
In Photos: Lovers of Loud United for Noisily Festival 2016
by  Marcus Barnes
It was a bombastic few days in the normally English countryside.
Sigur ros glastonbury festival florence beasley main
At Glastonbury, Mud and Diversity Provide an Antidote to Brexit Blues
by  Marcus Barnes
The grandaddy of music festivals proved that it's still possible to unite the nation's diverse population.
15 Of The Best Festival Food Vendors In The UK
by  Marcus Barnes
Fancy hot dogs, mac n' cheese, vegan fare, British tacos...these masters take festival grub to the next level.
Where Does The UK Stand On Drug Awareness and Harm Reduction?
by  Marcus Barnes
It's a conversation that more and more people are having, but how much progress is being made?
Tremaine 8
11 Photos From AVA Festival That Prove Belfast Can Party HARD
by  Marcus Barnes
There's no doubt Northern Ireland gets DOWN.
Malta is a Tiny Island Making a Big Splash in Europe's Festival Scene
by  Marcus Barnes
Tiny (but perfectly formed) Malta has entered the big league with a whole host of festival action.
Shambala festival 2015 carolina faruolo   27
Europe's Festivals Are Increasingly Eco-Conscious, But Is It Enough?
by  Marcus Barnes
The fate of our planet is dependent on all of us exacting change, and fast. Can festivals help? 
Koelner fotomarkt (10)
PollerWiesen: The Event That Launched Open-Air Partying In Germany
by  Marcus Barnes
Germany's festival culture owes it all to an illegal techno party that started in the early nineties.