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Mia Quagliarello
San Francisco, CASpecial to Everfest@miaqMore Authors | Got a tip?Email This Author
Stories by Mia Quagliarello
Festival biker stephen chun 12
This Guy Who Bikes to Festivals Inspires Us to Go Green
by  Mia Quagliarello
Stephen Chun knows how to roll right into the party, see the world, and look within at the same time.
Symbiosis 2015 galen oakes   5 of 50
How to Festival When You’re Not 21 Anymore
by  Mia Quagliarello
By tweaking your mindset, you can unlock the Ancient Secrets to Festival Happiness.
Electric forest 2017 weekend one courtesy of 2   20 of 27
For Those (Ladies) About to Rock: 7 Female-Centric Festivals You Should Know About
by  Mia Quagliarello
They combine fun, empowerment, giving back, and supporting the sisterhood.
Dirtybird campout 2016 miranda mcdonald 2
Festival All-Star: Claude VonStroke
by  Mia Quagliarello
The Don of Dirtybird has built an unstoppable mini-empire.
Crssd festival 2015 galen oakes 3
Why It's Easier to Make Friends at Festivals
by  Mia Quagliarello
The psychology behind all those festie besties you've made over the years.
Holy ship 2017 rukes gary richards destructo
Festival All-Star: Gary Richards, aka Destructo
by  Mia Quagliarello
On the EDM pioneer's legacy and uncertain future.
Burning man 2016 galen oakes people of   04
10 Things to Know About Taking Your Kids to Burning Man
by  Mia Quagliarello
It's easier than you think.
8 Things About FYF That Made Us Say "F Yeah"
by  Mia Quagliarello
From Missy Elliott to the awesome...toilets?!
Electric forest 2017 weekend one courtesy of 2   20 of 27
Electric Forest Takes on Festival Culture's "Gender Problem”
by  Mia Quagliarello
What do women want? Her Forest.
Dimensions festival 2016 dan medhurst 7335   beach stage
13 SoundCloud Channels to Follow If You Love Dance Music Festivals
by  Mia Quagliarello
SoundCloud can be a festival fanatic’s best buddy.
Dirtybird campout 2015 amanda mchugh   01
Claude VonStroke Demands You Shake Your Booty at Dirtybird Campout
by  Mia Quagliarello
Who are we to argue with the Don of Dirtybird?
Dj dragonfly stilldream 2016
Festival All-Star: DJ Dragonfly
by  Mia Quagliarello
"Dance is a great reminder that when you do get out of your own way, you succeed.”
Chi wow wah town 2016 crowd
Festival Set Spotlight: Chi Wow Wah Town 2016
by  Mia Quagliarello
One of the best curated festivals in Australia also has some of the best music.
The bpm festival 2016 galen oakes   15
Festival Set Spotlight: The BPM Festival 2016
by  Mia Quagliarello
All the best sets from the 2016 festival for you to stream now. Happy headphone dancing!