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Morena Duwe
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Stories by Morena Duwe
Festival all star string cheese incident jeremy williams 3
Festival All Stars: The String Cheese Incident
by  Morena Duwe
“Their music makes me feel like I want to dance, and not stop.”
Genius loci 2018 miles najera
When a Festival Respects Local Culture, Everyone Wins
by  Morena Duwe
A unique relationship grows between Genius Loci and its Mexican host town.
Desert hearts 2018 jacob avanzato    1 of 34 copy
All the Hilarious Things We Overheard at Desert Hearts
by  Morena Duwe
All the nuggets of wisdom and silliness, from the dance floor and beyond.
Noisily 2016   nick caro 8
Essential Gear You Need to Conquer Your Next Camping Festival
by  Morena Duwe
For festival-goers on every kind of budget.
Crssd festival 2018 miles najera 9 v2
At CRSSD's Spring 2018 Fest, House and Techno Ruled
by  Morena Duwe
“House and techno make me feel like I'm home,” said one attendee.
Meow wolf life is beautiful 2017 zach mckee 12
You Like Art with Your Music? These 12 Festivals Have Just What You Need
by  Morena Duwe
Because music festivals + incredible art = an incredible sensory experience.
Governors ball 2017 jn silva    5 of 8
Explore Some of the Best Cities in the U.S. with These Urban Music Festivals
by  Morena Duwe
These 13 fests are the perfect excuse to experience a new city.
Festival all star random rab   3
Festival All-Star: Random Rab
by  Morena Duwe
How the king of sunrise sets found his calling.
Festival lawyer lightning in a bottle 2015 daniel leist
Festival All-Star: Cameron Bowman, The Festival Lawyer
by  Morena Duwe
He's an advocate for festival-goers and drug reform all over the country.
Festival all star tony  andrews funktion one ibiza
Festival All-Star: Tony Andrews of Funktion-One
by  Morena Duwe
Meet the audio deity whose sound systems transform entire festivals.
Afropunk brooklyn 2017 ben kaye   05
Music Festivals Are the New Faces of Activism and Philanthropy
by  Morena Duwe
A new study says they may have finally transcended their hedonistic reputation.
Oregon eclipse 2017 jacob avanzato 36
Unity Defined the Global Eclipse Gathering
by  Morena Duwe
How the alignment of the sun, moon and Earth brought 13 festivals and 30,000 attendees together.
Infrasound music festival 2017 miles najera 4
How Infrasound Has Helped The Midwestern Festival Renaissance
by  Morena Duwe
2017's event cemented its reputation even further.
Infrasound music festival 2016 miles najera
Why Some Say Infrasound is the Midwest's Best Music Festival
by  Morena Duwe
It's beloved for its amazing sound, tight-knit community, and friendly Midwest vibe.
Genius loci 2017 miles najera   26
In Photos: Genius Loci's Intimate Beach Fest in Mexico
by  Morena Duwe
House, techno and surfing on the Punta Cabras coastline. 
Boogaloo art car music festival 2017 miles najera 2222
9 of the Coolest Art Cars from Boogaloo Art Car & Music Festival
by  Morena Duwe
It's one of the largest gatherings of mutant vehicles outside of Burning Man.