July 2016: Top 10 Festivals in the Southwest

July is upon us! ‘Tis the season of fireworks, freedom and good ‘ole summer fun. From Texas to Arizona, 4th of July celebrations are taking shape alongside the staple summer events that breathe life into the Southwest’s eclectic festival scene.

This month – like every other – our Top 10 Festivals in the Southwest were chosen by none other than YOU. That’s right. No biases; no ulterior motives – these are the 10 fests getting the most love from the Everfest community. And data doesn’t lie, y’all! Check out Everfest’s Top 10 Festivals in the Southwest!

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July 2016: Top 10 Festivals in the Midwest

In the Midwest, there’s a festival for everything. And these summertime celebrations come in all shapes and sizes. From big-ticket music festivals set against iconic city skylines, to small-town food festivals that make your mouth water, the Heartland is brimming with reasons to celebrate.

This month, our global community of Everfesters voted these Midwest festivals to the top of the list. Check out our top 10 festivals in the Midwest for July 2016 – see you out there!

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July 2016: Top 10 West Coast Festivals

We see you, West Coast! From your bass-infused electronic dance parties to your colorful culinary affairs, all the way to your booming 4th of July celebrations, you’ve made it clear that West Coast festivals take partying to the next level. Curious which fests made our top 10 list for the month of July? We’ve got you covered. Our badass community of Everfest revelers made their monthly picks, and data doesn’t lie!

Happy festing, y’all. We’ll see you out there!

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July 2016: Top 10 Festivals in the Mountain States

July is the perfect time of year to satisfy your craving for outdoor adventure, particularly in places like Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, where vast mountain ranges, national parks and awe-inspiring natural beauty lure in adrenaline junkies for the summer months. On the long list of outdoor activities to keep you busy, make sure to leave room for the incredible festivals the region has to offer. From Las Vegas to Colorado Springs to Alta, there are enough music, food, art and cultural events to keep an avid festival goer busy all summer long. Festivals in the Mountain States are truly one of kind – find out which ones made the Everfest top 10 list this month!

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Win 2 Tickets to Gratitude Migration 2016

Hey, East Coasters! We’re giving away a pair of tickets to one of the most unique festivals in your area. Don’t sleep on your chance to experience the magic!

**Our Gratitude Migration Ticket Giveaway is now over. Congratulations to our winner, Jeff Gomez!

Enter to Win 2 Tickets to Gratitude Migration 2016

July 15-17 at hELLO Beach

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In Photos: Lightning in a Bottle 2016

art installation lightning in a bottle 2016

We hear a lot of talk about transformational festivals these days – Burning Man, Mystic Garden Party, Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle – those fully immersive, wildly interactive experiences that dissolve personal comfort zones and ignite community spirit. But what really qualifies a festival as “transformational,” as so many people claim? What does that … Read more

On the Road: Las Vegas Festivals

This is a guest post by Austin Bay of Wanderu

From the open road in Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley to the psychedelic van in Little Miss Sunshine, somewhere along the way, road trips became a rite of passage for twenty-something’s looking for adventure. If you’ve ever cut out on your own, then you know that the romance of the road comes and goes. Once you’ve ran through your playlists and taken photos of passing trees, there comes a point when you just want someone to take the wheel.

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June 2016: Top 10 Festivals Around the World

In case your insatiable wanderlust wasn’t enough, we’re providing you with 10 more reasons to globetrot this summer. Some of the best festivals around the world take place in June, and we’ve consolidated the Everfest favorites to help guide your journey. Grab your passport, pack your bags and let festival season sweep you away. Check out the Top 10 Festivals Around the World for the month of June!

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