This Summer’s Top 11 Paleo-Friendly Food Festivals

Paleo diets are no longer reserved for box-jumping Crossfitters and club-thumping cave people. Eating foods that our bodies instinctively crave isn’t a craze or trendy weight loss plan, but rather what your body has been conditioned to want since the dawn of man. Paleo fare consists of foods that were ostensibly consumed in the Paleolithic … Read more

April’s Most Wanted Festivals

Spring has sprung, and festival season is in full bloom. Check out our top five most anticipated fests by region as ranked by Everfest revelers! Pacific 1. Coachella – Viewed as the kickoff party to the outdoor music festival season, Coachella is so big it goes by one name, like Prince, who headlined the grandiose music showcase in … Read more