This Summer’s Top 11 Paleo-Friendly Food Festivals

Paleo diets are no longer reserved for box-jumping Crossfitters and club-thumping cave people. Eating foods that our bodies instinctively crave isn’t a craze or trendy weight loss plan, but rather what your body has been conditioned to want since the dawn of man.

Paleo fare consists of foods that were ostensibly consumed in the Paleolithic era: meats, seafood, most vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruit. Basically, things that the cavemen would etch into the walls of their dens, hence the omission of Big Gulp colas and Little Caesars’ Hot-N-Readys from the dietary guidelines.

Partnering with fellow Austin-based start-up, the health-conscious and chef-curated Paleo meal delivery system, Fixed Foods, we ranked the top paleo-friendly festivals serving up fun and tasty eats this summer.

11. Raw Food Festival DC (Washington, D.C.) — Featuring local chefs preparing vibrant, all-natural dishes, RFFDC will have plenty of greens and healthy fare to quell your appetite.


10. Lenexa Spinach Festival (Lenexa, Kansas) — Held in the spinach capital of the world, LSF features the world’s largest spinach salad (150 lbs) as well as cooking contests and demonstrations.

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9. Taste of Chicago (Chicago, Illinois) — The Windy City’s premier nosh-a-thon boasts dozens of local haunts, quite a few of which have Paleo options.


8. Halal Food & Eid (Newark, California) —  All are welcome to partake in this celebration of Muslim cuisine, a lot of which falls under the Paleo umbrella.


7. Copper River Wild! Salmon Festival (Cordova, Alaska) — A subsection of the CRWSF is the Taste of Cordova extravaganza, which features wild-caught salmon in delicious dishes that the area is known for.


6. Bite of Oregon (Portland, Oregon) — Shining a spotlight on the eateries and food carts of Rip City, BoO will offer choice Paleo-friendly dishes showcasing the tastes and talents of the Pacific Northwest.


5. Salem Willows Seafood Festival (Salem, Massachusetts) — The North Shore’s finest restaurants will be cooking up the freshest clams, lobsters and other New England favorites.


4. Oakland Vegan Beer And Food Festival (Oakland, California) — Most vegan foods are a hearty part of a balanced Paleo diet, and the OVBAFF has plenty of both. Also, check out the San Francisco iteration of this festival in the fall.


3. Boston Local Food Festival (Boston, Massachusetts) — Dubbed the nation’s largest sustainable and local food hub, BLFF showcases regional farmers and chefs with cooking demos and competitions.


2. Farm To Fork (Sacramento, California) — This Northern California smorgasbord promotes a healthy lifestyle by exclusively featuring local meats, produce and seafood.


1. Taste of Paleo (Fountain Valley, California) — The grandaddy of caveman food fests, Taste of Paleo boasts Paleo chefs serving up their signature dishes as well as lectures, vendors, Paleo ciders and other adult libations.