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Vancouver Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

Squamish Wind Festival Squamish, BC
Burnaby Blues + Roots Festival Burnaby, BC
Dîner en Blanc Vancouver Vancouver, BC
Sunshine Coast Rogue Arts Festival Sechelt, BC
Westward Music Festival Vancouver, BC
HUMP! Film Festival Vancouver, BC
SeaWheeze Sunset Festival Vancouver, BC
More Upcoming Vancouver Festivals

Festivals in Vancouver, BC

The geography of the Vancouver, British Columbia, area is gorgeous. Imagine zooming out of the metro from above. To the south is the Canada and United States border. To the west is the Pacific Ocean. To the north are the mighty Coast Mountains. Out east are a few charming suburbs. Now zoom in and see the vibrant arts scene—everything from music and theater, to comedy. Then you see the plethora of outdoor activities—from people soaking in sun on a beach, to pedaling a mountain bike in the North Shore. When you get a place this packed with culture, a vibrant festival scene often follows. Vancouver is no exception. From celebrated authors at the Vancouver Writers Festival, to internationally known DJs at the Contact Winter Music Festival, festivals in Vancouver have a lot to offer. And between the barbecue, arts, crafts, and family fun at other Vancouver festivals is the popular Vancouver International Film Festiva