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Czech Republic Festivals 2018 - 2019 Calendar

Prague Shibari Festival Karlin, Czech Republic
Transmission Praha, Czech Republic
Bloody Sexy Halloweekend Praha, Czech Republic
Apokalypsa Brno, Czech Republic
More Upcoming Czech Republic Festivals

The Czech Republic Festival Scene

Czech’s have long been born with festival DNA. They love good beer, food, music and company. Prague, the capital of the country and the festival heartbeat is constantly alive with celebration. The Prague Food Festival is a day of relaxation and dining under the spring sun. The weird and wacky are on display in the streets during the Prague Fringe Festival. Pilsners are flowing and foaming at the Prague Beer Festival. Prague, Prague, Prague–we love you. Of course, Czechs do observe pivotal historical moments with festivals like Czech Independence Day and the Velvet Revolution Anniversary.