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Zenith Art & Fashion|1440 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL | Map

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AFRIKIN® is a platform that curates the arts and culture of people of color, as we advance their ingenuity and promise across the Diaspora. The term AFRIKIN® is the fusion of two words "Africa (the continent) and Kinship (a sharing of characteristics or origins)". The concept was created as a foundation for people of color to share in our collective and individual experiences around the world, a diverse population of over 2.3 billion people. AFRIKIN® presents current culture recognized by our target demographics through AFRIKIN® Art, AFRIKIN® Fashion, AFRIKIN® Talks, food, innovation and performance - ways to experience the lives and perspectives of our brothers and sisters, our AFRIKIN®, across the Diaspora. Together we work to raise awareness and provide solutions. We inform, empower and inspire people to take the next step to raise the profile of the Diaspora. The transformative effect of creative people on societal progress has been a motivating factor in our programming.