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Poiana, Moldova|, Poiana, Moldova | Map

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The Art-Labyrinth Summer Festival is an annual event held in the Republic of Moldova, a small and magical country situated in Eastern Europe between Ukraine and Romania. Each year, a new location is found to host the Art-Labyrinth festival. It is always a wild place, as far away from rural and urban habitations as possible. We live in tents, drink water from natural springs, and cook on campfires; however, it’s also possible to buy food from various food stalls at the festival. We are conscious of our surrounding environment and act accordingly so that after the festival, the place is cleaner than it was before. The festival provides: • More than a hundred workshops: yoga, meditation, drumming, crafts, permaculture, clay brick construction, etc. • Theater performances, acrobatics, dance, fire show • Music: archaic, ethno, experimental, world, trip-hop, post-rock, ambient, etc. • A very special atmosphere and a powerful spiritual experience We do not welcome: • The bringing in and consumption of alcohol and other intoxicating substances • The bringing in and cooking of meat on the fire • Any damage to the natural environment, eg. the chopping down of living (green) branches, etc. • Any aggressive or violent behaviour Free donation based