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A Deep Respect

In many different ways throughout time, humans have sought “the One for Whom we yearn” – the Beloved. At Beloved Festival, the journey to self-realization and connectedness unfolds at a single stage in the Oregon wilderness.

Intoxicating coastal air, intricate sculptures, awe-inspiring temples and structures and a small lake set the scene at Beloved Festival, a four-day camping event taking place in early August each year at Tidewater Falls on Oregon’s central coast.

Since its beginning in 2007, the philosophy that carries the gathering forward remains rooted in a deep respect for life and spirit. The "sacred music" at Beloved Festival is something to behold, and showcases a curated progression of sounds and vibes throughout each of the four days. Ancient sounds played on obscure cultural instruments move seamlessly into futuristic bass music by nightfall. Past lineups have included the moving chants of Krishna Das, the soulful Les Nubians sisters, and the dance and bass music of Rob Garza and Cut Chemist. Beyond the musical offerings, you can find yourself enjoying a health and well-being session at the Oasis Bathhouse, dancing at the One Stage, finding spiritual awakening at the Temple Meadow, taking classes from the festival's curated roster of renowned yoga instructors or treating yourself to a retail reward in the Art Gallery & Market.

A Call to Connect

Beloved Festival’s producers encourage all attendees to work on their awareness of everyone at the festival as a reflection of the Beloved. To really make meaningful connections, the festival gives specific tips: Seek out anyone on the sidelines, make eye contact with everyone, reach out to those you’re avoiding, and engage others with prayer, song and dance. During the transformative four days of Beloved, Tidewater Falls exists as a prime environment to make invaluable connections with strangers, your friends and yourself.

Just One Stage

A quality that truly sets Beloved Festival apart from all others is its singular stage. Why have only one stage? “We wish to treat the main stage as a mandala,” says Beloved’s website, “[to concentrate and hold] the energy of the festival throughout its duration, rather than dispersing the attention in too many directions. This allows for the carefully chosen sequence of artists to tell a continuous story of the Inner Journey, to perform an Alchemy of the Heart.” Having multiple stages at an event with a vibe change just a short walk away and the opportunity to see more of your favorite artists is never a bad thing, but the One Stage at Beloved sets a particular mood. For one, there aren’t competing sounds from different stages to overwhelm or distract you. Second, and most important, when festival-goers want to jam out, they are all doing so in the same place to the same groove, which creates a powerful, unifying force.

Sacred Music

Sacred music includes a broad spectrum of ancient, contemporary and futuristic sounds, all connected in their abilities to incite deep joy and reverence. Festies experience an aural story through the music of eclectic peoples, places, and points in time; a Beloved attendee can easily expect to hear mystic Middle Eastern chants followed by heavy bass dance music. Beloved’s organizers “believe that the presentation of diverse expressions of sacred music at a single venue demonstrates their common Origin and our shared relationship as a global community of contemporary devotees.” The dance-till-dawn ceremonial makeup of Beloved Festival is a type of celebration that dates back to early civilization, and it exhibits the power to bring participants into an ever-present state of self and connectedness with others.


Is there such a thing as a sustainable camping festival? Transportation of gear and bodies to the venue, disposable goods, mobile power, and food and bodily waste are among the factors that take an inevitable toll on the environment at any gathering. Beloved’s organizers don’t buy into the sustainable festival fallacy so they understand the importance of minimizing the festival’s environmental detriment as much as possible. In 2015, Beloved replaced chemical porta-potties with composting toilets that return bodily “waste” to the earth as fertilizer. Electricity is pulled from solar and biodiesel sources, in addition to grid power. Grey water is reused as much as possible. Food and other vendors’ goods are locally sourced and regulated for eco-positivity as well. The festival planners can make huge strides on their own, but a large part of the impact comes from attendees.

Resort Life

While Beloved Festival has only one stage there are over a half dozen natural and manmade areas dedicated to spiritual awakening, healing and relaxation. You are invited to explore honesty, intimacy, authenticity, and reverence for the divine at the Purple Temple. The Secret Lake sits at the center of the festival grounds and acts as a space for contemplation and revelation, casting a beautiful reflection of the rich colors and decorations that surround it at night. Hot showers, a dry sauna, and amazing bodyworkers are at your service at the Oasis Bathhouse and Bodyworks area, although each of these amenities cost extra (which is why it’s always a good idea to start your own free massage train).

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