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Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church|5501 Old Locust Lane, Harrisburg, PA | Map

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THE PIEROGI ARE RETURNING TO HARRISBURG! Yes, the Slavic "Plus" Food Fest -- Central PA’s unique annual celebration of Slavic, East African, and other ethnic foods -- is coming to Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church this fall on Sat., Oct. 1 and Sun., Oct. 2, noon-3 p.m. You'll find your favorites on the menu: halupki (stuffed cabbage), pierogi, halushki (savory cabbage and noodles), Macedonian pub burgers, kielbasa, tsebi derho (spicy Eritrean chicken stew with spongy flatbread), alicha wot (turmeric-spiked veggie stew), Greek-style spanakopita, strudel, baklava, and the parish’s famous nut and poppy-seed rolls. And you'll also find some new offerings to enjoy! VISA, MasterCard accepted. Event includes basket raffle. Come hungry!