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Jordan P

1st Trip To Vegas

Been to EDC ny twice... been waiting fkr Vegas since i was 15... looking to meet new squads there and vibe. Callmetheswark is my snap if anyone on here is looking to potentially meet up! Happy tripping, everybody ;)

Susana Z

My First Time 2017

This is gana be my first edc and with my rave fam can't wait to meet others my next review will. BE how amazing it was

Sasa P

First Time !!!

It will be my first time in 2017 , CANT WAIT !!!!

Shannon J

You're Never Alone!

No matter if you're solo or in a group. You're with your EDM family!

Shakayla B


Their are no words to describe how crazy EDC is!! Greatest days of my life

Maribel M

Beautiful <3

It was my first rave and it was so freaking amazing and awesome!!1

Chip C

Chip's Take

I'm showing my age here, but if you told me a few years ago you like EDM as a music genre, I would have corrected you and suggested that ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) was truly passé. As I've gotten savvier about the festival world, I've come to realize that EDM and EDC represent the biggest wave in music today. While it started as an underground movement in the 80s, most of us have now heard of house, trance, dubstep and all kinds of other sub-genres that you'll find at an Electric Daisy Carnival festival.And, it's big bucks for the promoters, who are getting hundreds of thousands of attendees to pay more than $200 a piece for a concert limited to a few touring DJs. But some of my friends, who are EDM addicts, swear by Electric Daisy Carnival primarily because it's so well-produced, and the Vegas flavor of it all just adds to the surreal nature of the experience.