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The idea behind Envision is to create a space where cultures can be shared—specifically those of North, South and Central America, in a communal, sustainable environment that seeks to elevate all of those who inhabit it. Envision began in 2011 on a small plot in the bohemian beach village of Dominical in Costa Rica. The following year it moved to land bordering Ballena National Park, and finally, in 2014, it settled at Rancho La Merced, the National Wildlife Refuge. The festival takes place in a beachside jungle, a space where people want to unplug and feel good; the festival’s slogan is viva la experiencia (live the experience). Yes, there are four music stages, but Envision isn’t just about music—there’s equal space devoted to activities such as yoga and sacred movement (drumming, kirtan, etc.), healing modalities, permacultures, art, and plant healing. It’s held in a fairly remote spot, so the food is all organic and local.

Intimate and Expansive

Envision manages to be intimate as far as festivals go, a byproduct of its mission and its location. In its first year, it drew 500 people, and jumped to 2500 for 2012, 3,000 in 2013 and just 800 more for 2014. It’s one of those festivals that walks the walk when it comes to ecological measures. Its location offers a natural limitation to its size and ensures that it remains sustainable for all parties—including the community. Part of those efforts toward local engagement come through its work with Natural Leaders Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose members arrive two weeks before the festival to begin working with local children. The foundation’s programming centers around efforts toward cultural unity and education, inspiring youth to become leaders.

Envision is expansive, however, in its approach, focusing on ideas of light and love—through shared interests. The same philosophy applies to music here, too; the guiding force is that it must raise your vibration. There’s a program full of performance artists, and the four stages loosely break down into different genres. On the Luna stage, you’ll find tribal funk, global bass and glitch hop. The Sol stage brings you reggae, world music and big band music. Lotus offers electro swing, psydub and house, and finally Village stage presents acoustic and world beats. Envision presents international artists along with a contingent of local, roots-based bands from Costa Rica. Performers for 2015 included Groundation, Phaeleh, the Polish Ambassador, Wildlight and Emancipator. Past artists have included Papadosio, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Rootz Underground, Rising Appalachia, Eoto, and Beats Antique along with countless others.

Free and Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul

There is no shortage of places to get in touch with your soul and block out the noise—whether that’s mental chatter or the revelry around you. This festival is all about the inner spirit. You’ll find yoga temples on the grounds with classes. “Village witches” run the healing sanctuary, where you can get a massage, partake in different healing modalities such as Reiki or even receive an on-the-spot herbal consultation. This particular sacred space also offers an herbal first aide station and a herbal elixir bar (non-alcoholic), where you can get remedies that help with dehydration, detoxification and so forth—cacao plants feature prominently, as it’s indigenous to the region. Guided walks highlighting herbs and healing plants are not uncommon. Further relaxation and rejuvenation can take place at the tea lounge and coffee bar.

All that’s Eco-Friendly and Green

The permaculture zone is geared toward educating people about creating agricultural and environmental designs and systems that work with nature rather than against it. The fest offers plant healing zones with examples, literature and experts on-hand to explain to festivalgoers how it all works. In terms of staying hydrated and clean, the fest has three filtered water hydration stations—bring your own bottle or buy one onsite—and bamboo showers with designated hours. Envision also works to support reforestation efforts and baby turtle conservation.

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From the Organizer

Brought to life in 2011, Envision is a transformative festival dedicated to awakening human potential and positive energy. Located in Uvitas, Costa Rica where lush, mountainous rainforests meet the sparkling, sandy beaches of the Pacific, Envision has blossomed from a backyard event into an internationally acclaimed community gathering. Each year thousands of festivalgoers experience days bursting with art, spirituality, yoga, education, and sustainability and nights committed to celebrating humanity through music, dance and performance, all in the name of connecting with nature, our planet and its inhabitants. The inspiration for Envision revolves around being radically self-reliant and living sustainable lives; collaborative projects and musical performances happen daily, along with sunset celebrations at the close of each day. Envision is a regenerative festival for your mind, body and soul. Become a part of a global movement that is destined to shape our universal future while experiencing the beauty of the landscape, healing undertones, artistic expression, and the “Pura Vida!” way of life

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