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A Natural High

Euphoria is often achieved naturally by engaging in social activities such as dancing with friends, interacting with others, and listening to music you love. The "natural high" we feel from such stimuli, a feeling all too common at festivals, enriches us on an emotional and transformative level – that's why we crave festival experiences year after year. EUPHORIA Music Festival provides a space where this natural high is abundant, thanks to diverse, bombastic music and a community vibe in a gorgeous, natural setting just outside of Austin, Texas.

Live Music Capital of the World...On a Ranch

Austin, Texas is known as the "Live Music Capital of the World," and despite EUPHORIA taking place on a sprawling ranch minutes from downtown, the festival does the city's reputation justice. Built by Austin natives for music fans across the world, the festival has become the region's largest independent music festival. What started as a boutique one-day music festival drawing 3,000 people in 2012 has amassed 52,000+ attendees over a four-day period. Immersive events and activities such as yoga sessions and art galleries provide the perfect complements to a selection of wide-ranging musical talent that the festival producers offer at EUPHORIA. Other than its prestine location, Euphoria is known for its inclusivity of a variety genres with esteemed and emerging talent across its three stages: Euphoria, Elements, and the Dragonfly Amphitheater. Whether it's a renowned EDM act like Above & Beyond and Bassnectar, live multi-genre bands like Beats Antique and Pretty Lights, or hip-hop/rap artists such as Wiz Khalifa and Waka Flocka Flame, there's never a dull moment of music at the festival.

The goal of EUPHORIA's location is to create a microcosm of Austin and to showcase the beauty of its natural surroundings to festival-goers. Enclosed by tall trees with breathtaking views of the city's skyline, Carson Creek Ranch is the ideal venue to get away from the city with the comfort of knowing it's still there. The ranch sits on the banks of the Colorado River, where festival-goers can frolic before heading to stages and other attractions. Where other festivals pride themselves on musical lineups, EUPHORIA takes advantage of its location to provide the best experience for its guests. Whether you've pitched a tent or are glamping it up with EUPHORIA's European-style bell tent package, staying on-site at the festival makes it what it is: a genuine back-to-the-roots community bonding experience that can only be realized in the sanctity of nature.

The Dragonfly Initiative

Inspired by the uniqueness of the dragonfly, The Dragonfly Initiative is a space whre creative collaboration and community engagement bloom leading up to the festival. Its programs include the Work Exchange Volunteer Program, where Euphorians can spread good vibes and promote the festival or work as a volunteer at the festival, "What is Euphoria?" Contest, where festival-goers win special prizes by sharing what EUPHORIA means to the community, and Ecophoria. Ecophoria is the festival's green initiative that promotes eco-conscious behavior at the festival and campgrounds. From composting and recycling to bringing reusable water bottles and camelbaks, Ecophoria ensures the preservation of the site that the festival calls home.

Marriage with Music

Euphoria is all about the power of music and community to bring like-minded individuals together, whether they're different or not. And what better way to display such connection than with marriage ceremonies in nature, with an unbeatable view? Couples wishing to marry or renew vows can experience euphoria with the festival's private and spacious wedding spaces with a wedding coordinator to ensure proper planning and execution.

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