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You won't find any cellphone charging stations at FozzyFest. In fact, you might go the whole weekend without seeing a cell phone at all. But what this three-day music and arts festival lacks in reception, it makes up for with a supportive, approachable festival community and a pristine setting in the heart of the Western Canadian wilderness. FozzyFest may actually be the friendliest festival in the world. What began as just a simple gathering of friends, has since evolved into a fully formed electronic music festival with everything from late-night DJ sets to yoga workshops, but the organizers' hearts are still in the right place. A case in point: FozzyFest hosts a relatively intimate group of 500 music fans annually and is still 100% volunteer-driven, with all proceeds going toward making the festival even better next year.

From Friendly Gathering to Festival

FozzyFest traces its origins back to the summer of 2005, when 30 or so close friends planned a camping trip in celebration of their friend Shawn "Fozzy" Lafleur's birthday. They brought along some rented sound equipment to keep the beats going throughout the weekend, and the party proved to be so successful that they went back the next year, inviting even more friends out for Round Two. Things quickly escalated from there, and within just a few years hundreds of music fans were trekking out to the Canadian wilderness every September for a weekend of good tunes and good vibes.

Collective Effervescence

While FozzyFest has continued to grow by word-of-mouth, it has never lost its charm as one of the smaller, mellower music festivals in North America. People don't just come here to listen to every type of electronic music under the sun; they come to make friends and leave with lasting relationships. It's an atmosphere that the festival's all-volunteer organizing team likes to call "collective effervescence," referring to the general sense of enthusiasm and warmth that's palpable among attendees. And it's not just a bunch of idealistic talk, either: In its more than decade-long history, FozzyFest has yet to have a single major security or health issue, which is as good a sign as any that people here simply take care of each other.

Three Stages of Music

FozzyFest may be small compared to most electronic music festivals, but it still packs an impressive variety of genres and performance styles into its three-day schedule. Electronic music is obviously the main draw, and the fest's three stages host a rotating array of deep house, tech house, electro, drum and bass, nu disco, and trap to keep bodies moving until the early hours of the morning. However there are plenty of other musical styles on display throughout the festival grounds, including live acoustic guitar and drum circles, breakdancing performances, and beatboxing competitions.

Workshops and Events

Befitting the organizers' focus on community and collective support, FozzyFest also hosts a number of workshops and events for those who need a break from the music or just want to learn a new skill. Some of the more popular options include yoga and guided meditation, though past years have also seen successful workshops in hula hoop making and psychedelic water colors.

A Pristine Setting

It's difficult to exaggerate the breathtaking beauty of Lake Koocanusa, a pristine lake with a massive yellow-sand beach surrounded by trees and mountains for as far as the eye can see. FozzyFest makes the most out of this environment with a festival layout that incorporates both beach and forest. The good news about being so far out in the wilderness? There's ample free camping and no shortage of places to get away from the music for a while.

Past Lineups

Though it's smaller in size than most major music festivals, FozzyFest still manages to attract an impressive lineup each year. It turns out that electronic artists also love to get away for a few days of partying in the wilderness. Past lineup highlights includeX-Ray Ted, Cyantific, Defunk, Longwalkshortdock, Mat the Alien, Wood 'n' Soo, Neighbour, Sammy Senior, Slynk, Featurecast, The Prototypes, Ricky Tuff, Kid Panel, Bass Caravan, Paradigm Theorem, Dom G, Spiral Architects, and Bass Charger.

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