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You might be asking yourself the same question we did: Are parties on Ibiza really considered a festival? We believe Ibiza is a festival island of sorts -- where food, fun, beach and endless festivities are never more than a short stroll away. Come summertime, pale northern Europeans, slinky Eastern Euros and the Western “it” crowd hop on a short flight to the balmy Balearic islands. The clear Mediterranean waters are as inviting as the infinite options of electronic dance music. For many, this is what they have been waiting all year for. Ibiza is a celebration of summer, from sunrise to sunset and back again. At the end of the season, you can experience the biggest parties of all: the closing parties. One last summer kiss goodbye, one last party to welcome winter.

Welcome to Party Island

While the official name is Eivissa, most call it Ibiza and depending on where you’re coming from it will sound a little different. Only 79 kilometers off the coast of Spain’s port of Valencia, it’s an easy and dreamy destination for most Europeans. The growth of low cost airlines and budget package deals keep the ebb and flow of dancers hungry, and the scantily clad youth continue to flock here.

Beyond the party, Ibiza is beautiful. While the DJs, fashion, yachts and lifestyle take center stage, this island has been blessed with natural beauty. While other locales like Vegas and Mallorca might be in fashion for today’s trend-seeking clubbers, Ibiza will never lose its appeal as the place that started it all.

Electronic Dance Music Defined

Ibiza and its music scene has shaped the festival world. Huge and incredibly well-produced EDM festivals like the Electric Daisy Carnival and Tomorrowland wouldn't be what they are today without the influence of this electronically-charged little island. Ibiza practically invented the theatrics and production that accompany modern EDM and its worldwide stages. The origins of this island club scene can be traced back to the flower power days of the 1960s. This bohemian island was part of the Marrakesh Express hippie trail, and a place where people came to get a little loopy. By the 1970s, the gyp-set crowd - international gypsy jet setters - converged on the island and two of Ibiza’s legendary clubs, Pacha and Amnesia, became the talk of Studio 54 in New York and Heaven in London. In the 90s, British promoters and ravers took over the island and this has been a mecca for electronic dance music ever since.

The Closing Parties

While action happens all summer, expect the closing parties to occur from early September to the beginning of October. Always do your homework as dates and venues change from year to year. Below are some of our favorite parties:

Ibiza Rocks

Sick of DJ’s? Probably not if you choose Ibiza as your holiday. But, if for some reason you do get tired of it, there's always Ibiza Rocks, which has been bringing live music back to the island since 2008. You can stay right at the venue's hotel for the ultimate party experience.

Amnesia - Cream Closing Party

One of the last to close, it's worth sticking around a bit longer to get involved with Amnesia's always epic closing soiree.

Pacha - Fuck me I’m Famous

David Guetta holds his infamous “Fuck Me I’m Famous" party at Pacha every year, which closes out the season with a bang. You might not be famous, but you can act like you are on this night.

Privilege- Don’t Let Daddy Know

Another one of Ibiza's legendary clubs, hailed as the biggest in the world, holds a goodbye to summer celebration that you might just have to tell your dad about after all.

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