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The Indiana World War Memorial Plaza|431 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN | Map

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The Center for Interfaith Cooperation was based on a number of existing interfaith initiatives in Central Indiana. From 2006-2011 it was a program of the Peace Learning Center called the International Interfaith Initiative, which began many projects that have continued with the Center for Interfaith Cooperation. Since its formation in 2011, the CIC has built up a large, robust and diverse network of partnerships with Central Indiana congregations, colleges and universities, and civic and community organizations. One of its most important assets in fulfilling this mission is CIC’s diverse and active board, consisting of forty religious and community leaders. CIC organizes two signature events every year. The Festival of Faiths is one of the Midwest’s largest one-day celebrations of religious diversity and vitality. The Indy Festival of Faiths is Indiana's largest celebration of the state's religious diversity. Participants can meet members of more than 100 congregations and community organizations, representing dozens of different religious traditions. It offers tasty food from around the world, cross-cultural music performances, and games for kids and adults. In honor of Indiana's Bicentennial, the theme of this year's Festival will be "the history of religions in Indiana." The Festival also features Table Conversations, unique opportunities for civil and open discussions of issues such as Muslims in Indiana, religion and conflict in the Middle East, race relations in Indianapolis, and more. Festival Website: Facebook: