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Downtown Monticello behind Rancho Grande|380 N Cherry St, Monticello, FL | Map

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Jefferson BBQ Fest Saturday, November 9 3PM - 9PM Downtown Club Monticello 164 East Dogwood Street 850-997-5552 The Monticello-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce has announced the 3nd annual – Jefferson BBQ Fest scheduled to take place on November 3 and will be hosted in downtown Monticello. The festival, will host a variety of food contests aimed at BBQ fans, providing various entertainment shows that will take place throughout the event. Supported by the Florida BBQ Association and sponsored by FMB, Tourist Development Council & Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners, and C.W. Roberts Contracting (more to come), the Festival will honor the county’s heritage of cooking, food, beverage and culinary traditions. The Festival will take place in Monticello, aiming to bring together hundreds of BBQ fans and people with a passion for cooking. The most notable of all contests, the BBQ contest will challenge participants to cook chicken, ribs and pork butt, which will be judged based on three criteria: presentation, tenderness and taste. A winner will be designated in each category, as well as a grand champion for all three categories. The purse for the event will be $2,000 as well as one of a kind trophies will be given out. The Festival will also include several other culinary contests including a pumpkin pie contest, a pecan pie contest, a fruit pie contest, and a pound cake contest. To make the event appealing for all age groups, the festival will also host a greased pig chase for children, a beer garden with college football games aired, and hay rides. Attendees will be entertained by a well known band - Baby Gray (Bobby and Michelle).