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Jogye-sa, Bongeun-sa, Cheonggyecheon|55 Ujeongguk-ro, Seoul, South Korea | Map

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The Greatest Lantern parade in the world celebrating Buddha's birthday in South Korea. Designated as Korea's National Intangible Cultural Property No. 122 by Korean government. Historied more than 1,200 years from Shilla Dynasty. The Date of the festival changes every year as it opens on the weekend right before Buddha's birthday of 8th April by lunar calendar. In 2019, the festival opens 3(Fri)~5(Sun) May in Jongno street and Jogye-sa temple downtown Seoul. The Buddha's birthday will fall on 12th(Sun) May 2019. The First Day(May 3, Fri): Opening day of Lantern Exhibition in Jogye-sa temple, Bongeun-sa temple and Cheonggyecheon stream. The Exhibition will last until Buddha's birthday. The Second Day(May 4, Sat): Buddhist Cheer Rally, Lantern Parade, Closing Ceremony in Jongno street downtown Seoul. The Third Day(May 5, Sun): Traditional Street Festival in front of Jogye-sa temple downtown Seoul. For more information, you can click