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Ararat Shrine Temple Auditorium|5100 Ararat Dr Kansas City, MO
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The Midwest Tea Festival is a day all about tea. Learning about tea, tea preparation, tea culture and history and of course, tons of tea tastings! ​ The main event, so to speak, is our tea market. All gathered together in one big auditorium will be lots of tea merchants. There will be local Kansas City area merchants as well as vendors from across the Midwest and across the country who will have tea samples for tasting. Also we will have some craftspeople who create tea-related art! All of the vendors on the floor will have at least a 50% focus on tea or tea-related items. But this isn’t just about buying and trying tea. This is also about expanding your knowledge of tea and tea culture. To further that mission, we gather together tea industry experts to speak on several tea topics on our Main and Specialty Stages.