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In Touch with the Universe

Motion Notion, or "Mo-No" to those who know what’s up, not only offers four days of raving amidst the glorious wilderness of Golden, British Columbia, but also aims to replenish the spirit by attuning attendees to the natural frequency of the universe. That's quite a claim, but 16 years of successful events proves they’re getting somewhere in the heart of the Rockies. Electronic music, in its many guises, leads the programming and is complemented by visual arts, live crafts, free-roaming performers, and workshops for the mind, body and soul.

Although it’s been around since 2000, Motion Notion overflows with fresh creative energy which stems from its age-inclusive, nurturing, community-minded attitude to partying; it's a dreamy place to live out your wildest, hedonistic fantasies (as long as you’re a good, open-minded soul of course) alongside just a couple thousand kindred spirits. This welcoming attitude extends to the music program, which runs 24 hours and fills seven stages with danceable options from dub to drum-and-bass, funk, rock, electro, techno, and almost everything in between.

Seven Stages of Bass and Beats

The three main arenas, all supplied with exhilarating visuals to further heighten the ecstatic vibes, are supplemented by four satellite arenas where Canada’s top-dog promoters showcase their choice selections. The Temple, a “melding of technology, art, nature and spirituality” is the main stage and is programmed to lure dancers in with dub and funk in the daytime before blasting them with the harder, psychedelic sounds come nightfall. The Cabana stays bass-oriented and vibrates with drum-and-bass, breaks, dubstep, glitch-hop, and house throughout the duration of the festival. Spectrum is focused on the electronic tip as well, but in a lush, beach setting. 2014’s four independent stages were curated, designed and managed by Montreal Bassix, Unity, EP Filthy, Broken Motion, and Flociety, all little powerhouses in their own right.

What Lies Between

As well as setting up its own art installations, Motion Notion encourages independent artists and performers to bring their tools and create onsite which means Mo-No is packed full of eye-catching works and performances by painters, fire dancers, aerialists, and glass-blowers. All over the festival site there are talented souls ready to bewitch you in between dancing at the stages. Or, if you fancy getting involved en masse, there are public works in which to participate. Naturally, all that creating and partying requires fuel; this festival boasts a broad array of options for tasty, wholesome meals to suit any diet, including BBQ, poutine, teriyaki, tacos, curries, pizza, and more. Afterward, walk it all off by browsing the myriad market stalls set up onsite.

But I Want More

Okay, besides the plethora of areas created for dancing, creating, eating and making, Motion Notion is no slacker on the self-improvement front. Each year workshops take place to allow attendees to try fun activities such as aerial acrobatics and hula hooping. For those in a more sedate mood, there is always yoga or sound-healing. And if it’s a purely cerebral ride you’re seeking, there are talks from the likes of Love Sex Intelligence, a group which cultivates an ongoing legacy of love to future generations.

Speaking of more, Mo-No is located at the historic, Beaverfoot Lodge, making the festival renowned for its exceptionally picturesque setting and the opportunity for revelers to reconnect with Mother Earth. And seeing as the site is surrounded by alpine meadows, a pristine river and pond, gigantic mountains and bountiful forests, it’s a given that every raver will feel breathless in the presence of these astounding views at least once a day.

The Notion Behind All This Commotion

“Movement is Existence” people – or it is according to (aptly monikered) festival founder, James Katalyst, who believes that constant flux, is the essence of being and is shared by every living creature and all ecosystems. Further inspired by global partying experiences, Katalyst created Mo-No with the intention to get each person in attendance vibrating to the sacred, universal rhythm that we share with nature, the planet, the galaxy, the universe and so on. So even if you show up totally out of wack with life, you will leave gyrating to that most universal pulse.

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From the Organizer

'Motion Notion' can be understood as the 'Movement Idea' - the concept that the flux of the universe is constantly flowing and changing, and is the essence of Being. Every human, planet, solar system and galaxy maintains this continuous flux as long as it exists. Movement is Existence. Motion Notion lives in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and in the heart of Canadian electronic-music culture. We invite you to the spectacular Beaverfoot Lodge near Golden BC to experience the freedom, visual and aural artistry and energy we and the attendees have created over the past 18 years!

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