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We are the mother of electronic music festivals. Born many moons ago – on a magical night in 1993 on Lelystad’s Midland Circuit – we were the first festival to bring together all the different tribes within the electronic music spectrum. We’ve been standing out ever since as the annual highlight of the Dutch festival summer, travelling to different places over the years, before finding a permanent home at the beautiful Floriade terrain in Haarlemmermeer. On these enchanting grounds, we have bloomed into one of the scene’s most diverse, open-minded and inspirational festivals. Three years ago, we have transformed into a weekend festival, with our own colorful camping grounds, offering people from across the globe a unique bonding festival experience. Frankly, it takes the entire weekend to fully explore the vastness of the Floriade terrain. There are 17 stages to discover, offering a wide variety of styles, with tantalizing performances by the leading artists in House, Techno, Deep House, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Drum ’n Bass, Hip-hop, Trance, Trap, and Disco. Each part of this musical journey is set against a surreal backdrop of state-of-the-art stage designs. And, drifting between area’s, you may encounter a captivating performance, or stumble upon a magnificent work of art. Don’t worry about not having enough time to unfold all the secrets of the magical surrounding. The most unforgettable Mysteryland moments are the ones you didn’t plan at first. No floorplan or timetable can truly prepare you for the mysteries lurking in the hills, shrubs and uncharted corners of this fairytale world. Adventure and spiritual enlightenment await those who dare to wander. Cherish each unexpected turn, each bizarre encounter, each twist of fate – they represent everything that Mysteryland stands for. We will be celebrating our 25th edition from August 24th until 26th 2018. During a 3-day and night spectacle, over 100,000 visitors are invited to embark on a musical journey and discover more than 250 artists and live acts on 17 breathtaking stages. The on-site camping grounds welcome festival friends from over 50 countries and host pre- and after-parties as well as a very diverse food, activity, and show program.