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Going Nowhere fast isn’t normally a good thing, but if Nowhere is Spain’s extension of Burning Man, you may want to run there. Just like TED conferences spawned locally organized TEDx events, the famous festival from the American West has created a demand for more than 200 smaller regional events built on the same 10 principles. One of the most important principles is immediacy, the idea that essence is in the moment, so put away your cell phone, breathe deeply, take off your armor and let the magic begin.

Numbers to Nowhere

While Nowhere is located in Spain, only 13% of the 1,000 or so attendees are from that country. More than a third come from the UK, and there are an ample number of French and Americans (more than 2-dozen countries are represented). In fact, English is the dominant language at the festival. Seventy percent of attendees are aged 21 to 35, so there’s a youthful spirit and a fawning appreciation for what Burning Man represents (more than 60% of Nowhere attendees have been to a Burning Man-affiliated event). Those nostalgic for Nowhere’s American ancestor will find comfort in the arid Spanish desert and its wind gusts, named sierso.

In the Middle of Nowhere

Art is at the heart of why people love Nowhere, where artists and art enthusiasts from around the world come to create and appreciate the temporary installations throughout the festival grounds and barrios (camps). Center Camp, known as the Middle of Nowhere, is where you’ll see the occasional Town Hall meeting (given the small size of this event, everyone has a say in how Nowhere evolves). Throughout the 2-dozen barrios, you’ll find all kinds of arts, healthy living and personal-growth workshops. Yes, there’s a party atmosphere just like at Burning Man (you may want to bring earplugs), but there’s a sense that people also see their Nowhere experience as an opportunity to grow and connect.

Two things that set Nowhere apart from Burning Man are the percentage of people getting their hands dirty and the international nature of collaboration. While Burning Man is participatory and international, the small scope and European location of Nowhere amplifies these two components. And because you feel like your fingerprints are all over the event and you’ve enjoyed a communal connection with people from so many different countries, there’s an even deeper sense of idealism that surrounds the experience. By the end of Nowhere, you’ll be looking for ‘somewhere’ to park your enthusiastic desire to change the world.

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