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Creativity, Connection, Nature

What makes Quest Festival's heart beat? An insatiable (and inspiring) appetite for discovery. Living up to its name, at the center of every part of Quest is, after all, an expedition or search for something. It's a festival that is passionately active and self-sustainable due to the way it's grown and maintained. While at Quest, which is located in Son Tinh Camp with the backdrop of Ba Vi Mountain, Questlings are invited to retreat to an ever-changing artistic expression and discovery haven surrounded by water and cushioned by forest. Quest Festival Vietnam provides and celebrates three days of music, arts and interpersonal connections inspired by nature.

Quest Festival is where make-believe becomes tangible and where our wildest dreams power our experience at the festival. Its philosophy – "Creativity. Connection. Nature." – stresses the importance of mindfulness and staying connected to the people and beauty around us. Because everyday life often isolates us from our environment, Quest is committed to restoring these connections, in addition to sparking and nurturing new ones.

From the Ground Up

What sets this festival apart from the rest? It's a grassroots operation through and through. There is no large financial backing. Instead, it's supported purely by community engagement and ticket funding. And at Quest, no two years are ever the same. They evolve and alter the concept of the festival site each year according to the natural state, energy and vibe of the land. Each year, the festival's creators, and in turn, its attendees, explore new areas of the site and seek ways to enhance the beauty of the location. In fact, the festival's creators design and build everything themselves, in-house. All directors are on the ground, engaged and part of the festival long before the Questlings arrive and long after they leave. And as its concept changes, so does the festival's theme. One year's theme included the legend of Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh – a story that is historically intertwined with the people of Vietnam and the festival's site of Ba Vi Mountain. To show appreciation for the land and the environment, they give back to it through sustainability projects. Their eco program includes using reclaimed branches and twigs to build shelters for the local forest animals, a reusable cup system, providing shared transport to the site and eliminating non-recyclable food waste. Each stage design is conceptualized with long-term waste reduction in mind, and executed using reclaimed and sustainable materials.

In addition to immersing themselves in the experiences and offerings at Quest, Questlings are also strongly encouraged to adorn themselves in costumes. So much so that there is an entire section and page of their website devoted to costume inspiration, based upon their chosen theme of the year. Festival-goers can then participate in the costume competition, which includes a spirited catwalk on the Saturday of the festival for a chance to win the coveted, once-in-a-lifetime prize: a lifetime admission ticket to Quest.

Quest's festival happenings also include workshops, such as yoga, crafts, meditation and unusual classes. Feather Earrings, David Bowie and Prince, Tie-Dye, Body Paint, Crochet Mandala, Martial Arts & Self Defense and Comedy Improv are just titles in the curriculum. Quest Cinema collaborates with Doclab Hanoi to provide a series of stimulating films, interactive experiences and visual entertainment. Activities throughout the weekend include team games, water sports, obstacle courses, swimming, hiking and more. Camping is also available, and if you ask the festival's producers, it's the best way for Questlings to bond completely with the Quest experience – by living it, sunrise to sunset for the duration of the festival.

The Timbre Among the Timber

Quest features four stages: Emperor Stage, Quest Embassy, Thuy Tinh Stage and Khong Sao Commune. Each stage at Quest is an art installation, to which hours of thought and teamwork are devoted to turn dreams into realities. Quest Embassy is a 360-degree projection-mapped bamboo geo-dome and the Emperor Stage is dedicated to showcasing live music acts. The talent curation isn't focused on the best-known acts – again, it's all about discovery, and showcasing well-known acts would be too easy. Organizers look for the hidden gems, and many of the talented folks you will find at Quest have their roots in South East Asia. While Quest's music selections are pleasantly eclectic, their heart undoubtedly lies in the underground music scene, including genres such as Dub, Dnb, Swing, Psytrance, Hip-Hop, Hardcore, and more. And like their creative concepts, their DJs are constantly evolving and providing the around-the-clock, 24-hour party to fully satisfy all of our dancing souls.

Quest is pro-innovation and on the cutting edge of employing technology to enhance the overall festival experience. While at the Quest, your "Cashless Wristband" is not only your ticket in, it's also your digital wallet. By visiting a top-up station, you pay the amount you wish to top-up and can then use your wristband to make purchases with a single tap. In fact, it is the only form of payment accepted by all bars and vendors inside the festival and can be monitored through an app on your phone.

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From the Organizer

Quest Festival is a 3 day celebration of music, arts, workshops, cinema and performance set in stunning surrounds. Situated at Son Tinh Camp, just outside of Hanoi, Quest Festival has been recognized as one of the most scenic festivals in the world with its backdrop of Ba Vi mountain and Dong Mo lake, both features of ancient Vietnamese legends. The festival itself aims to be a platform the best emerging talent of Vietnam and South East Asia, with selected taste makers from further afield. Shunning the typical model of one over-hyped DJ playing commercial tunes, Each year Quests presents an eclectic lineup of over 100 emerging local and international musical acts across 4 hand crafted stages. From the Dome pumping out tasty underground beats, to the main stage showcasing the best bands Vietnam has to offer, Quest Festival collaborates with other South East Asian entities to bring something new and different every year. Rounding out the experience, Quest also features a full program of Cinema, Workshops and Performance. With an intimate feel not exceeding 6000 people, Quest was born as a grassroots movement from experienced festival goers wanting to bring the international concept and good vibes to our new home in Vietnam. For international attendees, Quest Festival offers bus transportation, pre set-up tent and bedding rental, and full on-site facilities including food vendors, showers and western toilets. With its low ticket price and the cost of Vietnam being very low, Quest Festival is a perfect way to begin or end a trip to Vietnam and experience some of the local underground flavor.

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