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Won't Break Your Bank

In a time when festival-goers are devising complex schemes to afford $400 passes, it’s incredibly refreshing to see a festival like Rock Al Parque in Bogotá, Colombia, completely do away with exorbitant ticket prices and offer entry at no charge. Credit for this largesse goes to the local government and its mission of promoting the arts in Bogotá.

When it launched in 1995, Rock Al Parque was an instant hit with local and foreign rock fans. Less than a decade into its lifetime, attendance was already around the 400,000 mark. It’s shocking what offering good music at zero cost will do to your popularity. In a nod to its Colombian roots and history, Rock Al Parque takes place in Bogotá’s magnificent Simón Bolivar Park, which is named after one of the most important, revolutionary leaders in Latin American history.

All The Rock That’s Fit To Blast

Rock Al Parque really is about that rock n' roll way of life. The festival features little to no hip-hop, electronic music, or any other genre besides rock. As a result, there's a unique intensity and passion residing in the show’s DNA, as Rock Al Parque is very much for rockers, by rockers. Within its yearly lineups you can find nearly every iteration, derivation, and sub-genre of rock. The festival started off featuring strictly pure forms of rock, but as it quickly grew in size, that necessitated a push for more diversity within its selection. Heavy metal is without a doubt the reigning champ of the lineup on the bigger stages and popular set times are always reserved for mega-acts like Coheed and Cambria, Cannibal Corpse, and Anthrax.

Today, Rock Al Parque showcases a wide variety of bands hailing mainly from South America, but also from Europe and Asia. You can experience the best of what Latin America rock has to offer by catching acts like Chilean thrash metal group Criminal, Mexican alt-rock quartet Café Tacvba, and Colombian funk rockers El Sie7e. On average, around 50 bands take part in the three day festivities, though in some years that number has been as high as 80. The festival lineup is the result of an exhaustive process undertaken by a special committee of über-devoted organizers – and you can tell the festival cares about its fans, because its team makes a point of not scheduling acts of the same or similar sub-genres at conflicting times.

Rocker’s Delight

The only thing that matters at Rock Al Parque is the rock itself; its ethos is 100% “Come as you are.” At a past festival, Rock Al Parque advertised the slogan “Natural rock, natural life.” Have we made our point clear yet?

This isn’t a festival for celeb spotting, showing off your desert chic style a la Coachella, or waiting two hours in line for the beer garden. True to its egalitarian nature, you won’t find a VIP section either. But competition to get a decent view of the big acts is fierce, with punk kids running for the rails as soon as the gates open and planting themselves there for the entire day.

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