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SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST A MUSIC FESTIVAL!! Rootwire is a 3 Day & 3 Night Transformational Experience designed to Celebrate and Inspire Love, Beauty, Music, Community Building, and Shared Consciousness. Passes include FREE Body Work from an Array of Masters in a Multitude of Healing Modalities!! FREE water, FREE wooded camping, FREE parking and FREE access to EVERY show, workshop, and gallery!! Everyone in attendance: musicians, artists, presenters, organizers, volunteers, staff, vendors, cooks, attendees -- everyone! -- is asked to actively participate in the Transformational Act of Personal and Collective Creation. NO OTHER FESTIVAL IN THE MIDWEST will have anything close to the amount of intention and focus we have put into the overall experience you will have as an attendee at RW2K17. Alot of festivals have stages with music and camping but none have the Heart and Soul that makes Rootwire the #1 Transformational Experience in the Midwest: The Ceremonial Center. We focus more than 50% of our budget in creating and maintaining a workshop and presenter schedule that is second to none. Prepare to learn about yourself, embrace the changes that make us unique, and to get involved with your surroundings. At Rootwire you will learn, practice, and discuss new skills and techniques that will encourage you to walk through life with a feeling of purpose, happiness, and LOVE with your hearts and souls wide open!! We do hope you will join us for this life changing event..