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We are bringing some exciting changes in 2017 to make this 70th anniversary festival bigger and better than ever. Admission is free with lots of free family friendly things to do and see. Make an alien hat (and other things) in our free craft area, kids can bounce in our free UFO bouncy house (or one of several others), sit under the shady trees to enjoy free live entertainment daily. The UFO Light Parade is always a favorite, or have fun at the people and pet costume contests. Cool off at 2 EXTREME water slides coming for the festival this year (both are around 4 stories high, 40’ wide, and 150’ long). There are many other venues available at Galacticon, the International UFO Museum, RDR Roswell Incident, Guy Malone's Challenges to ET Conference, Goddard Planetarium, or enter the Alien Chase. All this, and more is happening at the UFO Festival Roswell! Paid for in part by the City of Roswell Lodgers Tax.