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Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center|2345 McGee St, Kansas City, MO | Map

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The RSJ event is a writers and readers event for authors, readers, and industry specialists with a focus on authors and readers who write and/or read romance books featuring diverse, black and African-American, characters and multicultural protagonists. Realizing the reality that love stories, be it romantic or not, are often carried out in one way or another within the pages of other fiction genres as well, this amazing 3-day fun filled RSJ conference is full of Author and “Booklover” adventures, exploits, industry forums and workshops all leading up to the ceremony for the coveted Emma Awards that recognizes authors who have a gift in exceptionally writing and including diverse, black and African-American, characters and multicultural protagonists in romance books, women’s fiction, and more. - Are you a reader who can't wait to get your hand on the next book you'll be falling in love with? - Are you a "booklover" who enjoys adventures, exploits, and meeting talented authors? - Are you a new author, an aspiring author, or a seasoned author looking for a network and craft workshops? - Are you a writer looking to avoid the pitfalls of writing characters from a stereotyped perspective? - Are you a talented author deserving of the coveted Emma Awards?