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If you’re an EDM lover in Colorado, there’s only one place you should be during Summer Solstice: Sonic Bloom. The festival, which in 2014 took over South Park’s American Safari Ranch, is a four-day camping event surrounded by the Rockies’ rugged scenery. The venues have shifted as the festival’s attendance has grown, but it’s still a hyper-intimate boutique event in the mountains. Most of its attendees--full of Colorado pride--are ardent devotees that return faithfully year after year.

A Unique Crowd and Vibe

Sonic Bloom’s tagline is “the unified field,” a reference to its founders’ belief in the Unified Field Theory, which holds that every aspect of the universe is profoundly interconnected, and that separation between people and things is merely an illusion. From the festival’s website: “We have the ability to create a resonant field in which to unify all forms of human creative expression.”

That in itself should tell you a lot about the people who show up at Sonic Bloom. Its founders were inspired, in part, by the Bali Spirit festival, and many members of the audience are free-spirit, new-age philosophical types who enjoy a vibe that’s funky, homegrown, and full of multicultural flavor.

Roam the grounds and you’ll bump into your fair share of artists, poets, nature lovers, avid hula-hoopers, uninhibited dancers, tie-dye wearers, intellectuals, and ravers. It’s a motley crew for sure, but the underlying current is clearly one of love and acceptance on these rustic grounds in the Continental Divide.

An Array of Music and Activities

More than just music, this is an event with all sorts of activities to keep people entertained and stimulated. In addition to the live sets featuring every possible variety of electronic music, there’s also an array of performance art to take in—everything from live painting to juggling, slack-lining to yoga classes. There are craft vendors (most peddle earthy, eco-friendly wares), food vendors and lots of camping-related activities. In 2014, there was even an onstage wedding.

But if we’re being real, music is the real draw, and music is what moves the crowd here. Sonic Bloom’s lineup focuses on what its founders call “heart-centered music”—so, not just dubstep.

Recent headliners have included Tipper, Shpongle, Eoto, Random Rab, Kaminanda, Adham Shaikh, Govinda, Stephan Jacobs, the Human Experience, Thriftworks, Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic and Bonobo.

At night, the spectacular light shows come on, all synced to the pulsing music. DJ sets span until sunrise. It’s an electronic jam like none other.

Moving Forward

Prior to 2015, organizers shopped for a venue that could accommodate everything their attendees needed--more bathrooms, food offerings and additional space—all for an even better Sonic Bloom. The festival then made its home at Hummingbird Ranch in Spanish Peaks Country, Colorado.

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