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Reveille Peak Ranch|105 Co Rd 114, Burnet, TX | Map

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-.:SYNERGY:.- syn·er·gy noun the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. -.:Mission:.- To bridge the gap in Texas art and music culture, integrating communities to eliminate the disconnect between and create an immersive experience to bring us together. To take us all on a journey through each realm and reveal just how connected we all are. -.:What to expect:.- Three days of music and art in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. A camping experience complete with plenty of shaded tent space, restrooms and showers, swimming, playing, and dancing. Breakfast and dinner will be provided Saturday-Sunday (Friday- dinner only) to those with the meal pass add-on. There will be a vendor village, multiple sound/theme camps, and immersive art and deco installations throughout the event. This will be a family friendly event with a wide variety of electronic music, so prepare for fun for everyone! -.:To keep in mind:.- This will be a leave no trace event. You are personally responsible for any waste you bring or aquire throughout the weekend. This is a new venue and we would like to respect their land and keep it just as clean as it was before our arrival. Furry friends are welcome, but do consider that their hearing is a lot more sensitive than ours- exposing them to loud noises can stress them out and damage their hearing. Futhermore, this event will take place in the midst of a hot Texas summer, please remember to bring enough water and sustainable food and snacks to ensure that your body is nourished and ready for 3 days of dancing, playing, and camping. This is an 18+ event unless accompanied by a Parent or Guardian ​Children are Free Brought to you by HK Productions LLC