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Cinépolis Coconut Grove|3015 Grand Ave, Miami, FL | Map

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ATTENTION, ACHTUNG, ความสนใจ - WE ARE LOCKED AND LOADED AND READY TO GO. Global Grit Film Fest Mk. 2 is up and fully operational! Tell your friends, tell your wife, tell your pastor and the guy down at the malt shop. The more asses we have in seats the more fun we're gonna have! It's free, so there's no excuse. WHO: Open to anyone so long as we don't exceed 71 warm bodies. Dress code is "be yourself". ⋆ WHAT: 10 short films lovingly sandwiched between 2 feature-lengths. ⋆ WHERE: Cinépolis Coconut Grove - 3015 Grand Ave, Miami, FL 33133 ⋆ WHEN: June 9th, 2018. 6 PM to 1 AM.