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Dear Friends and Fellow Filmmakers, Welcome to the 2018 Tryon International film Festival. It is with great pleasure that we bring to you yet another installment of our wonderful festival, which is on target to being one of the most notable stopping points on the entire festival circuit. Tryon is fast becoming a favorite destination point for filmmakers and a place where strong friendships are formed. At the beginning of each film season, we start with a blank slate, allowing our passions, inspirations and world events to dictate how the festival will be crafted. Much like a piece of art, each day helps paint, mold and create our final program which we are commissioned to deliver to you each year. Just as each day calls on us with different weather patterns -- the last filled with torrential rainstorms, landslides and tragic loss of life, so does the world around us press, contort and mold our final program into what we are about to present to you. This year’s colorful, lively and whimsical poster piece was created by David Cedrone, who was originally selected by Ashley Menetre. With no thought as to what he might create, we met with David and urged him to produce a fanciful, imaginative burst of creative energy which would connect the town of Tryon to the entire world. Within the center of this work of art sits the newly renovated Tryon Theatre, a fundamental projection point of our filmmaking industry. David took this backdrop and ran with it, producing the perfect symbol of Tryon’s welcoming call to those around us. “Come on in, come on in. The door is always open” as Jim Jackson so eloquently use to say. But there’s so much more to this poster that meets the eye and connects so perfectly to the 2018 festival theme. As Jimmy Buffett wrote in his 1994 song “Fruitcakes”: “It's the Buddhist in you, it's the pagan in me. It's the Muslim in him, she's Catholic ain't she?” To George Harrison’s constant question, “how do I explain, when not too many people can see we're all the same?” Just as the many films coming in from around the world, from the richly informative documentaries to the emotionally charged dramatic films, there appears to be one common thread that runs through the center of it all. Although we are a world of so many clashing principles, heritages, lifestyles and temperaments, we truly are all about the same. We hope that you appreciate the many films in this year’s program and enjoy the numerous celebrations which will be taking place in multiple venues all throughout this fine town. We ask that you greet and welcome the visitors from around the world, some of whom have never been outside the borders of their own country. We encourage you to shake their hands and kindly look into their eyes. It will be then you may realize that we truely are all the same. The 2018 Tryon International Film Festival will illuminate the entire downtown area on October 5,6,7. For more information call the Tryon Fine Arts Center. Sincerely, Kirk Gollwitzer and Beau Menetre Polk County Film Initiative 501(c)(3) Non-profit status Polk County Film Initiative 285 North Trade Street, Tryon, NC 28782