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The Chi Center|40 Camino Vista Clara, Santa Fe, NM | Map

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From the Organizer

What is UNIFY FEST? UNIFY FEST is a collective vision among seekers, dreamers and visionaries to co-create vibrant community and heart-based collaboration through conscious art, ceremony, health, sustainability, spirituality, music and unification of all people. We are a global tribe unified by the wisdom of the heart’s intelligence deliberating individual and collective transformation into higher frequencies of purposeful, regenerative and unified living. What Makes UNIFY FEST Unique? As wisdom-seekers and proponents of global unification we welcome and honor our native relatives with great reverence. Indigenous elders from multiple tribes who have experienced UNIFY FEST have told us that their ancient prophecies are being fulfilled by the unfolding of experiences that happen naturally at the festival. Over 2500 people from all over the world attended the first year festival in Santa Fe, NM with many delegates and elders sharing ancient ceremonies and profound wisdom from dozens of tribes representing a diverse multi-cultural unification of all people. As a conscious/sober/alcohol-free festival many people leave feeling re-charged, uplifted, and empowered to move confidently in the direction of their life’s purpose and help co-create a brighter future for all of our human family.