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Mansfield Park
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Everfest's Take

Always different and exceptionally exciting, Bandera offers a wild and crazy event with the Wild Hog Explosion! This fun-filled weekend includes the hilarious Wild Hog Catch, the always crowd-pleasing BBQ Cook-Off and an awesome All Bike Rally. And let’s not forget about the bicycle rodeo for the kiddos and the many craft vendors! Pig out at the Wild Hog Feed featuring pork bbq plates with all the trimmings. There are lots of fun things for the kids, too, like the Hog Callin’ Contest, and the event benefits the Bandera County Library. The Wild Hog Explosion! is pretty darn exciting! First you start with about 150 wild hogs that vary in size and age. Then you take a group of willing humans that also vary in size and age, match up the size and weight, then put one hog in the ring with two nervous people and challenge the humans to catch the smart, fast and loud wild hog! The object is to catch the hog, put him in a feed sack and get him to the finish line. Teams are judged on time. Oh, and you only have 1 minute to catch the hog before the whistle blows! Most of the time the hog wins… but not without a lot of action, adventure and tons of laughs, generally from the hog!

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