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Lobster Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

Redondo Beach Lobster Festival Redondo Beach, CA
Tustin Lobsterfest Tustin, CA
Lobster Clam Jam Toronto, ON
Lobster Clam Jam Montréal, QC
The Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival and Music Weekend San Pedro, CA
Maine Lobster Festival Rockland, ME
Mission San Jose Chamber Lobster Fest Fremont, CA
Tampa Bay Lobster Festival Clearwater, FL
The Original Long Beach Lobster Festival Long Beach, CA

The World of Lobster Festivals

Lobsters might not have an internal skeleton, but they are the backbone of many festivals found across North America. These crustaceans make fine fare—and lots of it. Take the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival, for example, which set three Guinness World Records back in 2013. One of those records was for serving 9,060 lobsters within eight hours. And the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine, claims to serve around 20,000 pounds of the crustaceans each year. That’s a lot of lobster. Just don’t bite off your limbs when you dig in. Unlike a lobster, you can’t grow them back.

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