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Tequila & Margarita Festivals 2017 - 2018 Calendar

The Tequila & Margarita Festival Scene

You’ll get a lot of opinions on tequila. For some, it’s a rocking good time, for others, it is perhaps the most dreaded of poisons, usually as a result of some poor decisions (and likely some subpar, non-100% agave tequila) that one night in college. But we say don’t let that night tarnish a good thing. Graduate to the good stuff and you’ll find a world of flavors that you can sip with your dinner or relive the glory days shooting with your bros-turned-semi-professional-adults. Tequila festivals celebrate said good stuff and are often paired with margaritas, a refreshing alternative vehicle for those who can’t take the bite. You might even find tequila’s cousin mezcal at some of these fests. Ok, so it’s decided, you’re going to these tequila and margarita festivals — now all that’s left to decide is who gets to (has to?) eat the worm. Nose goes.

Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Albuquerque, NM
Lee's Beer and Tequila Experience Las Vegas, NV
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest El Paso, TX
Philadelphia Taco Festival Philadelphia, PA
Nashville Scene Margarita Festival Nashville, TN
Tampa Bay Margarita Festival Tampa, FL
Dallas Margarita Meltdown Dallas, TX
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest San Diego, CA
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest San Antonio, TX
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Dallas, TX
Tequila & Taco Music Festival Ventura, CA
Feria Internacional del Mezcal Oaxaca Oaxaca, Mexico
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Las Cruces, NM
Chicago Margarita Festival Chicago, IL
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Honolulu, HI
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Austin, TX

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Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Denver, CO
San Diego Spirits Festival San Diego, CA
Heart O' Texas Margarita & Salsa Festival Waco, TX
Tequila & Taco Music Festival Santa Cruz, CA
Northwest Tequila Fest Seattle, WA
Red River Margarita Pour Off Shreveport, LA
Morro Bay Avocado & Margarita Street Festival Morro Bay, CA
The Original Margarita Festival Las Vegas, NV
PatronFest New Jersey Clifton, NJ
Las Vegas Margarita Mojito Festival Chandler, AZ
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Phoenix, AZ
Philadelphia Whiskey & Fine Spirits Festival Philadelphia, PA
Houston Margarita Festival Houston, TX
Spirits of Mexico Festival Atlanta, GA
On the Rocks Whiskey + Fine Spirits Festival Washington, DC
The Woodlands Margarita Festival The Woodlands, TX
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza Fest Honolulu, HI
My Nana's Best Tasting Salsa Challenge Phoenix, AZ
NYC Craft Distillers Festival New York, NY
Tequila & Taco Music Festival San Diego, CA

Upcoming Tequila & Margarita Festivals

Festival NameDateLocation
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza FestMay 5, 2017Albuquerque, NM
Lee's Beer and Tequila ExperienceMay 6, 2017Las Vegas, NV
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza FestMay 6, 2017El Paso, TX
Philadelphia Taco FestivalMay 13, 2017Philadelphia, PA
Nashville Scene Margarita FestivalMay 20, 2017Nashville, TN
Tampa Bay Margarita FestivalMay 27, 2017Tampa, FL
Dallas Margarita MeltdownMay 28, 2017Dallas, TX
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza FestJun 10, 2017San Diego, CA
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza FestJun 17, 2017San Antonio, TX
Tequila, Taco, & Cerveza FestJul 1, 2017Dallas, TX
Tequila & Taco Music FestivalJul 22-23, 2017Ventura, CA

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