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The Australian state of New South Wales takes up a good chunk of land in the southeast section of the continent. It’s sandwiched between the state of Queensland to the north, and Victoria to the south. To the west is the state of South Australia and to the east the Pacific Ocean. Sydney, the most populated city in Australia, is New South Wales’ capital city and is home to landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, which, like the kangaroo, are often seen in images boasting Australia’s beauty. Inward from the gorgeous beaches and pro surfer-worthy waves of New South Wales’ coast, you’ll find the beautiful Blue Mountains and charming outback towns, such as Broken Hill and Bourke. And like its land, New South Wales’ culture is vast. And festivals in New South Wales are the perfect place to explore this culture—from Sydney New Year’s Eve in Sydney, to the Australian Surf Festival in Coffs Harbour.

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