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South Australia Festivals 2024 - 2025 Calendar

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The Best Festivals in South Australia

Staying true to its name, the Australian state of South Australia, indeed, is the south central piece of the continent. It’s flanked to the west by the state of Western Australia, to the east by New South Wales, Queensland to the northeast. The waters of the Great Australian Bight are to its south. Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, sits against the Adelaide Hills, a wondrous wine-producing region. The beaches along the coast are brilliant and the food within its borders is fantastic. Of course, there’s the wondrous weather of South Australia. The summers are sunny and the winters mellow. Not only does the mild weather make South Australia a sweet destination no matter what time of year it is, it makes it a sweet spot for festivals, especially the outdoor variety. Festivals in South Australia put the state’s sweet culture on full display, featuring food, music, art and people that will take you on a dreamlike journey Down Under.