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Coffee Festivals 2019 - 2020 Calendar


The Coffee Festival Scene

When you’re caught up in the caffeine lifestyle, it’s tough to get the day going without a cup of joe—or two … or 10. That subtle jolt sparks the brainwaves and makes it feel like anything’s possible. Imagine if you were surrounded by countless cups of joe. It can happen. All you have to do is find a coffee festival nearby. They occur in cities—big and small—across the United States, so start looking for one (seriously, all you have to do is scroll up on this page). Learn about fair trade when it comes to coffee. Learn how coffee is made, from seed to brew. Taste local coffee. Buy some coffee beans. Pair your coffee with art and food. And after you finally join the java party and are cupping with the coffee pros, you can tell everyone, “‘Bean’ there, done that.”