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Alternative Music Festivals 2019 - 2020 Calendar

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The Alternative Music Festival Scene

Remember back in the ’80s when you were so anti-mainstream? As soon as you were through your favorite underground band’s cassette, you’d rewind it and play it again. Then the ’90s came and that so-called underground stuff was being played on the radio. Then there it was on TV. “Alternative music” made it into the mainstream. People today continue to love their alternative music. There are festivals around the world to prove it—from Barcelona, Spain, to Urbana, Illinois. Like alternative music itself, alternative music festivals encompass multiple genres—from rap and rock, to punk and roots music. You can replenish your needs for punk at the CBGB Music & Film Festival in New York, soak in world music at the Oakland Music Festival in California or bob your head to the music of numerous festivals in between.