10 Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated at Festivals

Article by: Graham Berry|@Festival_Writer

Fri September 25, 2015 | 00:00 AM

Whether you’re a n00b at Coachella or you’ve got half-a-decade old playa dust between your toes, pretty much everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated at a festival. The risks of not staying hydrated are high, so smart festival-goers come prepared to combat dehydration with extra water, electrolytes, ice and cool vessels to take their means of hydration with them everywhere.

Obviously Camelbaks and other hydration backpacks are the festie standards, but we decided to explore all the fun ways to stay hydrated at festivals, just in case Camelbaks aren't your thing. 

Hydration Packs

Fun Ways To Hydrate Camelbak Eamon Arm Strong

Photo by: Eamon Armstrong

Aside from Camelbaks (the industry standard), Ospreys are about as close as you can get. They’re sturdy and they work in pretty much the same way. Another option would be Geigerrig  packs. While bit bulkier than Ospreys, these hydration pack have a surplus of storage space and are much easier to clean and refill. Deuter packs are another terrific alternative. They sport a rigid internal frame to help protect all those festival must-haves, but even though they're larger in size than most, they breathe well thanks to Deuter’s trademark air cooling system.

Platypus Hydration Reservoirs

Platypus reservoirs are basically Camelbaks without the backpack part. They can fit almost anywhere, are easy to clean, and don't taste like plastic. Pick one up for cheap and fit it in your favorite backpack, letting the hose wind out through the zippered closure. Then, don your dopest hat and hit the dance floor.

Trusty Water Bottles

Fun Ways To Hydrate Water Bottle Edward Clynes
Photo by: Edward Clynes

Metal is best as some festivals won’t allow glass on their grounds. Reduce your ecological footprint by avoiding plastic water bottles and leading by example for others to do the same. Also, most festivals at this point have free water dispensing stations, making it easy to refill your bottles between dance-offs. If at some point you want to go hands-free, bring a carabiner or a fanny pack to regain your flailing powers.

Camping Canteens

For something a little more beastly than the bottle, grab yourself a camping canteen. These keep your cold drinks cold and your hot drinks hot (usually for 24 hours!) and usually hold larger volumes than typical metal water bottles. Great brands to check out are the always-classic Stanley thermoses, or Thermos brand containers. While sometimes cumbersome, the cap on most doubles as a cup, meaning you can have your morning coffee and share it, too.

Bota Bags

Bota Bag Courtesy Of Labota Hydration

Now here’s a hydration device with character. Bota bags or wineskins were once used by ancient shepherds as they watched over their flocks. They were traditionally made of goat skin, a goat bladder and a little tree sap, but today they are constructed mostly of a plastic bladder with nozzle and a bit of leather. Some of the more stylish types have flashy furs and bright colors – perfect to fit your festie style. In addition to being fashionably unique, Bota Bags are also much more portable than water bottles thanks to their shoulder straps, and lighter than Camelbaks. They can also be easily refilled at any refilling station. 

A Really Big Squirt Gun

Coachella 2015 Daniel Zetterstrom   14

Nothing says “I love you” like a big, icy water blaster on a hot day. In addition to providing a killer way to stay hydrated, squirt guns large or small can also cut the afternoon heat for your friends. I like to fill mine with ice so that the water stays cold, lasts longer and provides that extra bit of unexpected refreshment. It also is a great way to make new friends. Just remember: rampaging is unwelcome and consent is cool.

Good Old Fashioned Steel Cups

For the low budget badass who only takes what he or she needs, steel cups provide kind of freedom that for many is only second to being naked. The best option is the $5 SODIAL(R) Stainless Steel Camping cup, which has a carabiner built in as the cup's handle. It's a quick, easy and a great way to cut down on waste, but be warned: only bring a cup if water is provided by the venue. Otherwise, you’ll run out about as quickly as you arrive.

The WineRack Bra

Though a little more risqué, for any gender, this one is a winner. It’s meant for wine, so you could potentially carry… um, other things but fill one of these with ice water and you might just change your life. Just sayin’.

The Beer Belly

Fun Ways To Hydrate Beer Belly Michael Muramoto

Photo by: Michael Muramoto

If you’re that guy who wants to wear his Camelbak on his front, this is the hydration device for you. The Beer Belly works in pretty much the same way as the winerack bra but it was developed for tailgating at sporting events. You can also throw yours in your pants pockets because their light as a feather and easily foldable when empty. Refilling, on the other hand, can be a little awkward.

The Fake Baby

For the most extreme among us, there is always this option, which involves the most work but is definitely the most hilarious. In all honesty, I’m not sure this one is worth the trouble but if you absolutely must have the most refreshing way to be weird, here is the fake baby hydration solution. Enjoy.

How do you stay hydrated at a festival? Are there any we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Editor's note: Be sure to check the Do's and Don'ts of the festival you're attending to know which of these hydration solutions are allowed on festival grounds before you go.